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E1 - 'Pilot' E2 - 'Moral Waiver' E3 - 'A Perfect Score' E4 - 'Love Always' E6 - 'Do No Harm' E7 - 'The Best Policy' E10 - 'Better Half' E11 - 'Undercover' E12 - 'Blinded' E13 - 'Sacrifice'
Season 2 E1 - 'The Core of It' E2 - 'Truth or Consequences' E3 - 'Control Factor' E4 - 'Honey' E5 - 'Grevious Bodily Harm' E6 - 'Lack of Candor' E7 - 'Black Friday' E8 - 'Secret Santa' E9 - 'Fold Equity' E10 - 'Tractor Man' E11 - 'Beat the Devil' E12 - 'Sweet Sixteen' E13 - 'The Whole Truth' E14 - 'React to Contact' E15 - 'Teachers and Pupils' E16 - 'Delinquent' E17 - 'Bullet Bump' E18 - 'Headlock' E19 - 'Pied Piper' E20 - 'Exposed' E21 - 'Darkness and Light' E22 - 'Black and White'
Season 3 E1 - 'In the Red' E2 - 'The Royal We' E3 - 'Dirty Loyal' E4 - 'Double Blind' E6 - 'Beyond Belief' E7 - 'Veronica' E8 - 'Smoked' E9 - 'Funhouse' E10 - 'Rebound' E11 - 'Saved' E13 - 'Killer App'
Dr. Ekman and Lie to Me The main character, Dr. Cal Lightman is loosely based off of Dr. Ekman. Many of the episodes of Lie to Me feature references from Dr. Ekman’s own experiences. For example, the pilot episode shows Dr. Lightman lecturing to several FBI agents. Dr. Ekman lectured to the FBI in a variety of settings throughout his career.

EXCLUSIVE: The warning from Professor Peter Horby at Oxford University comes after actress Julia Stringer, 42, of Harrogate, revealed she cries every day after catching the killer 'Aussie flu'.

Mail online stated in the defamatory article at issue that plaintiff's well-publicized professional modeling career in the 1990s was a ruse and that she instead worked as an “elite escort” in the “sex business.”

Based On A Lie - My Daily Dose Of HopeBased On A Lie - My Daily Dose Of HopeBased On A Lie - My Daily Dose Of HopeBased On A Lie - My Daily Dose Of Hope