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Jim keays - undecided

At their peak, Keays and the band played free to 50,000 in Hyde Park, Sydney; unfortunately, once you reach a peak there are not many vertical directions to choose from.

 · Jim Keays , singer of one of the great Australian bands of the 1960s and early 70s, the Masters Apprentices, died this morning. He was 67.

It showed a more considered band than we had heard before. A band who were more refined with both their songwriting and performance styles, but who had lost none of that knack they possessed for writing brilliant pop hooks. 

The Masters Apprentices became the 'bad-boys of Rock', [12] Keays was interviewed for Go-Set by staff reporter, Lily Brett , and the 'expose' was printed on 17 July 1968, headlined "Sex is Thrust upon Us", [12] [14] the article and its follow-up, "Whose Breasts Are Best?", [14] revealed aspects of the bacchanalian scene where female groupies were called band molls :

In April 1970, EMI released the group's most popular single, "Turn Up Your Radio", produced by Howard Gable, and engineered by Ern Rose. It was recorded at a late-night session and Keays later recounted that he was so drunk when he recorded his vocals that he had to be held up to the microphone. [ 28 ] The song was deliberately designed to be loud and offensive, and was intended as the final nail in the coffin to their ill-conceived teenybopper image. It was released just before the start of the 1970 radio ban —a major dispute between commercial radio stations and record companies—which resulted in the banning of many major-label releases. Despite little commercial radio airplay, the song raced up the charts and peaked at #7 nationally. [ 29 ]

Jim Keays - UndecidedJim Keays - UndecidedJim Keays - UndecidedJim Keays - Undecided